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What I do.

Illustrations, diagrams, infographics, comics - Illustrate your point in the best possible way!

Animations are great for explaining processes and mechanisms in a highly engaging manner. They're also great for sharing on the web!
Websites, documents, posters and slide shows to effectively communicate your information.

STEM Copy-Editing
Improve the clarity, consistency and structure of your writing (English) on technical subjects such as science, engineering and medicine. This service is especially beneficial for those with English as a second language.


If you would like a quote, please contact me (Contact section - bottom of page) and let me know what you are interested in getting done.


A bit about my background and why I might be a good choice.

Scientist & Editor
I studied pharmacology and chemistry (Joint Hons.) at University College Dublin and then went on to obtain my PhD in biophysics from Trinity College Dublin. This was followed by two years of post-doctoral research in bioelectromagnetics and nanomedicine. From this broad scientific training and professional practice, I have developed the skills needed to understand and communicate difficult technical information from a wide variety of STEM fields.
       As a scientific copy-editor, I take advantage of my previous experience conducting research and authoring articles. This is combined with a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of clarity, consistency and aesthetics, to produce consistently high-quality edits.

Artist & Animator
Along with science, I have always loved and practiced visual art. As a result, much of my work now combines the two, allowing me to efficiently communicate scientific concepts in an engaging way.
       I also enjoy working on 'technical' and 'non-technical' topics beyond science and through many years of practice along with a Masters in digital media (Dublin Institute of Technology), I have developed a wide range of visual-communication skills from 2D illustration to 3D animation. So whatever your information or concept, I can visualize it.